Former Navy SEAL shares "Warrior Ready" Blueprint That Men Are Using To Build Muscle, Burn Fat, And Actually Feel Great Again

(without giving up their favorite foods)

Next Warrior Ready Group Begins:

I'm going to show...

  • A step-by-step strategy to build muscle and burn fat that our clients used... EVEN when they were told it couldn't be done...

  • Why following another crash diet is not a great approach for permanent gains... AND how our clients took control of their habits once and for all...

  • How our clients eat their favorite foods again without feeling deprived all the time...

  • How our clients created an unstoppable mindset... AND the blueprint, that they used to feel great in the process...

  • How our clients regain their confidence even when they had failed multiple times in the past... AND the method that makes it happen overnight...

  • How our clients are able to get off their yo-yo diets and enjoy vibrant health again... EVEN if they didn't think it was possible.


After spending 13 years as a Navy SEAL and then venturing out into the civilian world, I found myself struggling to find balance as an entrepreneur and business owner. 

I have accomplished a lot by becoming a Navy S.E.A.L., playing college football in my 30s (as seen on ESPN), playing international rugby, and selling high-end real estate. 

But many times my fitness, relationships, and or business were struggling.     

If you have found yourself here, there is a good chance that you have been struggling with something similar. 

Learning to "live your best life" and Overcome The Odds, isn't easy. 

The odds are that you:

* You struggle to be leaner and healthier

* The daily stresses of work, family, and fitness wear on you.

* You are successful, but feel deep down inside feel that something is missing.  

This is easy when we let the daily grind of being a "MAN" get a hold of us and we don't operate with MENTAL AUTHORITY. 

I'm passionate about overcoming the odds and helping other men do the same.

Overcoming the odds begins with constructing the WARRIOR BODY, sharpening EMOTIONAL REGULATION, identifying HIGHER PURPOSE, and finally operating with MENTAL AUTHORITY.

Maybe getting in shape has been an immense test of willpower, deprivation, and failure. <--Super easy to do with all the confusion and misinformation on the internet.

Maybe you have had a little success, but the weight you lost always manages to find it's way back to you.

I will teach you how to eat and how to live a life that excites you and with less stress. 

I have seen men who have been beating themselves up for years, transform their lives and how they show up in the world.  

I will help you OVERCOME THE ODDS so that you can be healthy and live the life you always dreamed of. 

I’ve turned my transformation into an easy-to-follow coaching program that anyone can use to unlock the highly effective man within them and start enjoying life like never before.


JP Bolwahnn

Former Navy SEAL turned Life and Fitness Coach with 18+ in the health and fitness industry. I've traveled the world coaching and teaching fitness professionals functional fitness and nutrition. I've coached thousands of athletes in strength and conditioning and know that reaching your goals is more than just another food plan and workout.

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